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Coffee, on the go

Our Menu


Espresso ~ 16oz

Latte ~ $3.50

Caramel Macchiato ~ $4.00

Mocha/White Mocha ~ $4.00

Dirty Chai Latte ~ $4.00

Americano ~ $3.00

Cappuccino ~ $3.25

Frozen Coffee ~ $4.00

Non-Coffee Beverages ~ 16oz


Lemonade* ~ $3.00

Hot Chocolate ~ $3.25

Chai Latte* ~ $3.25

Steamer ~ $3.00

Tea Latte ~ $3.00

Frozen Drink ~ $3.25

Matcha Latte* ~ $4.00

Italian Soda ~ $3.25

*Iced or Frozen

Petite Espresso Drinks

Solo   ~   Doppio

Espresso ~ $1.25 ~ $2.00

Traditional Macchiato ~ $1.50 ~ $2.25

Cortado ~ $1.75 ~ $2.50

Con Panna ~ $1.75 ~ $2.50

Undertow ~ $1.75 ~ $2.50

Cuban ~ $1.50 ~ $2.25

Iced Tea ~ 16oz

Mango Black ~ $3.00

Apricot Green~ $3.00

Peach White~ $3.00

Herbal Berry Blast~ $3.00

Hot Tea ~ 16oz

Green ~ $2.00

Earl Grey~ $2.00

Oolong~ $2.00

Chamomile~ $2.00

Extras + $0.75


Espresso Shot, Soy, Almond, Coconut, Syrup, teabag.

Syrup Flavors


Vanilla, Sugar-Free Vanilla, Lavender, Rose, Peppermint, Pistachio, Caramel, Sugar-Free Caramel, Salted Caramel, Toffee Crunch, Hazelnut, Sugar-Free Hazelnut, Mocha, White Mocha, Butterscotch, Caramel Sauce, Raspberry.




Looking for quality beverage catering?


Tiny Oak Coffee is a great way to bring delicious local coffee beverages and more to business meetings, parties, weddings, and more!


Tier 1: 1-49 guests (90 minutes) ~ $225

Tier 2: 50-74 guests (90 minutes) ~ $300

Tier 3: 75-99 guests (2 hours) ~ $375

Tier 4: 100-149 guests (2 hours) ~ $525

Tier 5: 150-199 guests (3 hours) ~ $600

Tier 6: 200-249 guests (3 hours) ~ $700


Wedding Tier 1: 1-149 guests ~ $750

Wedding Tier 2: 150-200 guests ~ $950

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Our Story


Tiny Oak Coffee began on the west side of the Salt Lake valley as little more than a daydream. After all, starting a business is no cheap endeavor, and certainly not an easy one to get off the ground in the middle of a global pandemic.


Whitney Oakley, the founder and barista of Tiny Oak Coffee, has had a love of coffee for quite some time. After 3 years immersed in the coffee slinging life she discovered she actually had a passion for pretty much everything coffee. For the first time in her life, she knew what she wanted to make a career out of; except it's pretty hard to make a decent living just as a barista.


That's when she got the idea to start a coffee truck! The best of both worlds! Complete freedom to craft a menu, a business to be proud of and dish out the best drinks, the ability to help support her household and her community, and of course all the coffee she could ever want. Whitney and her husband Matt spent the next 2 years researching and building the Tiny Oak Coffee truck from the ground up.


As Tiny Oak Coffee steps into its future, we hope to benefit our community in more ways than just supplying you that delicious caffeine rush. Whitney believes that as a business, it is our responsibility to help better the world in whatever ways we can. To help do this, a portion of our monthly proceeds will be donated to a charity of the month; some local, some global. In addition, our cups and straws will be made of biodegradable and/or compostable materials, and plastic waste will be recycled whenever possible. On top of being a coffee lover, Whitney is also a big nature and animal lover. The last thing she wants is a business that hurts the planet.


Tiny Oak Coffee looks forward to serving its community in the best ways possible. One of the great joys of being a barista is the friendships you form along the way and the people's lives who you can help better, even if just a little. Be sure to join us in our journey across the valley with quality and passion.

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